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9 - 11 Aug 24
Expo Center Lahore

What would be exhibited

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

Tractors, combine harvesters, plowing and seeding machines, irrigation systems, and precision farming technologies designed to improve crop production and efficiency.

Seeds and Plant Varieties

A display of high-yield and disease-resistant crop seeds, as well as new and innovative plant varieties tailored to Pakistan's climate and soil conditions.

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Imported and top-quality fertilizers, soil conditioners, and organic amendments that enhance soil fertility and improve crop yields.

Crop Protection Products

Agricultural chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and biopesticides to control pests, diseases, and weeds while promoting sustainable farming practices.

Livestock Equipment

Modern livestock handling and management equipment, including feeders, drinkers, housing solutions, and animal health monitoring systems.

Animal Feed and Nutrition

Animal feeds, supplements, and nutritional products to enhance livestock health, growth, and productivity.

Livestock Breeding and Genetics

Display of imported livestock breeds, germplasm, and breeding technologies aimed at improving the genetic quality of livestock in Pakistan.

Animal Health and Veterinary Products

Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and healthcare products for livestock to ensure their well-being and productivity.

Dairy and Meat Processing Technologies

Innovative machinery and equipment for dairy and meat processing, including milking machines, meat cutters, and packaging solutions.

AgriTech and Software Solutions

Advanced agricultural software, data analytics, and remote sensing technologies that aid in farm management and decision-making.

Organic and Sustainable Farming Products

Eco-friendly and sustainable farming solutions, including organic fertilizers, pesticides, and practices for environmentally conscious farmers.

Horticultural Products

Imported tools, equipment, and technologies for horticulture, including greenhouse systems, hydroponics, and vertical farming solutions.

Agribusiness Services

Exhibitors offering logistics, export/import services, financial solutions, and consultancy services for agribusinesses and investors.

Packaging and Processing Machinery

Machinery and technologies for packaging and processing agricultural and livestock products, ensuring quality and safety.

Food and Beverage Products

Imported agricultural and livestock-based food products, showcasing the potential for trade and collaboration.

Research and Development Initiatives

Universities, research institutions, and organizations presenting their latest findings and innovations in agriculture and livestock sectors.

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