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9 - 11 Aug 24
Expo Center Lahore

Cultivating Prosperity:
Pakistan's 16th Agriculture and Livestock Asia Exhibition

Pakistan, renowned for its rich agricultural heritage and thriving livestock industry, is gearing up to host an exciting event that promises to bolster its agricultural and livestock sectors. The 16th Agriculture and Livestock Asia Exhibition" is set to be a showcase of innovation, trade opportunities, and sustainable practices in agriculture and livestock.

Livestock Innovation

Pakistan's livestock industry, a vital contributor to its economy, will take center stage.

Trade Opportunities

This exhibition serves as a unique marketplace where businesses can explore trade opportunities.

Highlighting Agriculture's Potential

The exhibition will underscore Pakistan's immense agricultural potential.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange

With industry experts, researchers, and policymakers in attendance, the exhibition offers ample opportunities.

Exhibition Dates

9-11 Aug 24


Lahore Expo

Exhibit Area

10,000+ sqm

Participating Countries



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The percentage of Pakistan's GDP contributed by agriculture in 2023

The livestock sector is a major contributor to the economy of Pakistan.

Agriculture sector is still the largest employer in Pakistan, accounting for the labor force in Pakistan

Total land area dedicated to agriculture in Pakistan is 22.1 million hectares which is total land area of 79.6 million hectares

The livestock sector is a major contributor to the economy of Pakistan. It accounts for of the GDP

What Would Be Exhibited !!!

Livestock Equipment

Modern livestock handling and management equipment, including feeders, drinkers, housing solutions, and animal health monitoring systems.

Seeds and Plant Varieties

A display of high-yield and disease-resistant crop seeds, as well as new and innovative plant varieties tailored to Pakistan's climate and soil conditions.

This eagerly anticipated exhibition, scheduled for 09 -11 August 2024, will be held at the Lahore Expo Centre, bringing together stakeholders from across the globe.
It is poised to be a pivotal platform for connecting producers, exporters, and enthusiasts in the agriculture and livestock sectors.

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Imported and top-quality fertilizers, soil conditioners, and organic amendments that enhance soil fertility and improve crop yields.

Crop Protection Products:

Agricultural chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and biopesticides to control pests, diseases, and weeds while promoting sustainable farming practices.

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