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9 - 11 Aug 24
Expo Center Lahore

Who Should Visit

Farmers and Agricultural Producers

Local farmers and agricultural producers looking to explore new technologies, equipment, and products to enhance their farming practices and increase yields.

Livestock Breeders and Ranchers

Livestock breeders, ranchers, and poultry farmers interested in improving animal husbandry practices, genetics, and nutrition for better livestock production.

Agricultural and Livestock Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and startups seeking innovative solutions and business opportunities in the agriculture and livestock sectors.

Government Officials and Policymakers

: Representatives from government agricultural and livestock departments, as well as policymakers, who want to stay informed about the latest trends and technologies to support the growth of these sectors.

Agricultural and Livestock Associations

Members of agricultural and livestock associations and cooperatives interested in networking, knowledge sharing, and trade opportunities.

Agribusiness Professionals

Professionals working in various aspects of agribusiness, including marketing, logistics, finance, and consultancy, looking to expand their networks and explore collaborations.

Academics and Researchers

Professors, researchers, and students from agricultural and veterinary institutions interested in learning about cutting-edge research and technologies.

International Delegates

Delegations from foreign countries, including agricultural and livestock experts, investors, and trade representatives, exploring partnerships and trade opportunities with Pakistan.

Agripreneurs and Startups

Individuals and companies involved in agricultural technology (AgTech) and agrifood startups looking to showcase their innovations and attract potential investors or customers.

Retailers and Distributors

Representatives from retail and distribution companies seeking to source agricultural and livestock products for local markets.

Environmental and Sustainability Organizations

Representatives from environmental and sustainability-focused organizations interested in promoting eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.

General Public

Individuals and families interested in learning more about agriculture and livestock for business, including students and those considering careers in these sectors.

Investors and Financiers

Potential investors and financiers exploring investment opportunities in agriculture, AgTech, and livestock businesses.

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